About Us


An addition is a great way to add square footage and usable space to your home. Do you need an extra bedroom for a new addition to the family? Or a new master bedroom with your own bathroom and walk-in closet? Or maybe a new family area or room to watch movies or hang out with friends? If so, an addition is a good choice if your family is outgrowing your current living space. 

We at Randall Renovations want to work for you now, as well as ten years from now. We also want to work for your friends and your family. The only way to do that is to treat each customer fairly and with respect. All of our people are skilled, professional and courteous, and our estimators are knowledgeable in all aspects of home remodeling. We fully understand that one of the biggest frustrations for homeowners undergoing a remodeling project is communication, so we strive to communicate all aspects of the job before we even start. Eliminating potential bumps in the road before we get to them keeps everyone happy & ensures our customers will keep coming back.

Randall Renovations believes your addition should be a seamless extension of your existing home. Those that have had additions done by our team agree that an addition is a valuable investment. The space can be used for your children to play, entertaining business associates, family and friends, or just a place for you to unwind from your long day. Additions can also be an excellent place for additional kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, or entertaining area.  We have a great reputation amongst our clients and peers, and have earned that by providing a very high quality product, while keeping our pricing fair and economical. That means you're going to get the best possible addition to your home and the best value for your dollar.